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Thread: Chatanika Grayling Report

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    Default Chatanika Grayling Report

    Took the wife camping/hiking at 12 Mile Summit so you know I just HAD to bring along a flyrod!

    We were up there Wed night thru this morning and had a great time...the scenery is awesome up above the treeline. Saw lots of people staging for upcoming caribou hunts.

    Stopped at mile 70ish to break out the flyrod. That water is beautiful! I may be struck by lightning for making a comment against my home water but...I liked it better than the upper chena. Now, if only the fishing were better...and unfortunately it wasn't. There were many holes that were set up perfect and the water was gin-clear. There should have been multiple fish holding in some spots but some of them didn't even have one. Still, managed to catch 9 fish from 12-16 inches. Perhaps they are already headed downstream?

    Looked like some folks had been goldpanning/dredging in one stretch...they had cleared out a hole 6 feet deep and about 8 feet in diameter in the was almost a perfect circle. After I fished it, I just couldn't was a warm day and that water was soooo clear...

    Polar bear plunge!

    It was coooooooolllllddddddddd but **** was it refreshing after a couple days of hiking.

    I really enjoyed deciphering a new stretch of river...It was a good change from the Upper Chena; I think I'm on a first name basis with some of those fish, lol....

    Anyone have a fav spot on the Chatanika they'd like to share?
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    I always do better on the Steese where the river bends next to the road on the left, but maybe it just better suits my style of fishing. The water is low these days and the fish are a bit wary especially of hardware but I'm still catching them on flies both upstream and downstream of the pulloff. When the water is higher I get them right next to the road too. Today I tried out some black foam winged ant patterns I tied up. The foam didn't float as well as I expected, but if I just let it sink and then stopped the drift they would hit it on the swing. I have seen a few ripe salmon pass by recently so I thought I'd try an egg pattern for a bit but they were suspicious of it. Last week I was catching them upstream on a red soft-hackle fly until I was interrupted first by a wounded moose and then a bear cub. I didn't stick around to see the mother.

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