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    Hey, has anyone rafted the Canning River? Just interested to see what the trip was like for a float hunter. Any information would be great, thanks!


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    I floated it several years ago (1988) with 3 other friends. All of us harvested sheep, caribou, and moose. We landed at the upper strip, hunted and harvested sheep. We then rafted down to the middle strip, where we hunted and harvested moose and caribou. We floated for two days, a leisurely trip. The water conditions were high due to rain but nothing over class 2. The scenery is beautiful; we also saw a lot of wildlife, (grizzly, wolves, caribou, moose, and fox), the char and grayling fishing were phenomenal; with several char over 20 inches. It was a great trip that I will remember for the rest of my life, we were in for 10 days, however it would have been nice to have two weeks.
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    Yes it is a great river to float, I've done it at least 10 times. You are in for a real treat. From the main upper air strip to the lower cliff strip will take a couple days. Fishing is very good if the water is clear. Sheep hunting is well what it is, they are where you find them. Like anything hard work and presistance should bring rewards. Deltana Outfitters is now hunting the upper portion from the Marsh Fork, up river. So you might try areas where they do not use, but there is alot of country and almost no hunting pressure. Call Dirk at Coyote Air he can fly you in or give you information about the air strips there. Good luck keep us posted when you get back.

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    Default Thanks for the info!

    It's all greatly appreciated!


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