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Thread: High thrust 50 4-strokes

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    Default High thrust 50 4-strokes

    Hi, looking for opinions on the "high thrust" versions of Yamaha's 50 4 stroke (also if Honda/Suzuki makes something comparable).

    Pros/cons of these motors? I'm familiar with the HT 60's as I fish with a buddy who has twins; he says they are geared differently and run a different range of props which helps his heavy 19' glass boat run correctly; he previously had regular twin 50 hondas and it just wasn't doing the job for the boat.

    My intended use would be on a 18' Bayrunner/Klamath boat for the Kenai & occasional saltwater adventures; have seen these on the river and they seem to scoot pretty well w/50 hp.

    Just wondering which version of the 50 would be best.

    Thanks, Jim

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    For that sized boat, I'd say the regular 50 would do you plenty fine. I've got an 2001 F50 on my Willie Predator, running an 11 5/8" x 11" prop and it scoots along pretty well. I don't think Honda or Suzuki makes a high thrust version of their 50's but either of those should move you along just fine. If you were running a heavier boat, like an 18' Searunner, then I'd say go with the T50, but the 18' Bayrunner/Kalamath style boats are quite a bit lighter and have quite a bit less deadrise.

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    Thanks ak, I checked and you're right about Honda/Suzuki not making a high thrust 50. You're probably right about a F50 being fine on a Bayrunner, just wondering if the HT 50 would yield better fuel numbers, but I did notice that the HT yamaha is 30 lbs. heavier than the F50, which is a drawback.


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