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Thread: Hatchers Pass Report?

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    Default Hatchers Pass Report?

    Anybody up there this weekend?

    Mostly wondering about the Palmer side

    Did the warm air that gave us the big melt in Anchorage hit up there?


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    Default Hard packed and windblownt

    We were there on Sat. Parked at the Motherlode and did about 45 miles. The snow around the trail was hard-packed and wind-blownt. Thinking that the snow would be better further North we headed to the Last Chance Coffee house and rode the trail to Willow Mnt. The snow was GONE up high with patches of tundra showing and had to turn around. Then we went back to the road and up to the David Churchill Mem Trail which goes up and over Baldy. BAD, the snow on the top was mostly gone there as well. When we got back to the parking lot a couple of guys were heading to the end of Archangel road saying that that area is least likely to be disturbed by the warm weather/high winds. Maybe that is the best place to try in that area.

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    Archangel is almost as bad as anywhere else. All of the snow up there is like concrete. If you want to climb the highest peak with your short track get after it. Just watch out for avalanches. Lots of them up there last weekend.


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