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    accurate out to 40 yards! WOOOHOOO!!! Headin' out @ the crack o' dawn to get me a bullwinkle!

    I used a Morrell's Yellow Jacket BH target, 125 grn Montec practice heads, 7595 Gold Tip with veins (lost my only FOBd arrow yesterday...) on a 29" draw, Mathews Legacy, @ 70lb.

    Remind me to replace my Practice heads with real Montec's please, prior to me goin' out...

    How I sighted in:
    I did the FT walk back as linked on another thread, & that seems to work fine with BHs...Once I got accurate groupings, & then moved back & saw I was hittin' right, this was @ 20yd, so I moved my rest to the right, & then my arrows went high, but still middle & so then I moved my sights up, & VIOLA, bulleye @ 20 yds...I walked back to 30 yds, & again gettin' bulls eye, & tried at 40 yds...& still hittin' bulls eye...Satisfied, I walked my target & bow home in the pourin' rain...There's a moose out there with my name on it...

    ID, Check, license, check, harvest ticket, check, accurate bow, check, friend with boat to take me out, check...Now here moosey moosey moosey!

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    Well, if that's the bow that's banged up (, the scuffs don't seem to have hurt it much! Chance favors the prepared.

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    Mine was a little shorter ... Pulled the bow out of the case, screwed on a broadhead, walked out to 40, smacked the bullseye, did it again to check, ready to hunt this a.m. I saw lots of moose this a.m. but didn't connect. It's my 16th anniversary today so I doubt I'll get to go out again tonight..LOL...
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