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    I have 2 Rain barrels at my cabin that I would like to use for washing dishes, hands, face, etc... I know without a waterfilter using the water wouldn't be the smartest thing. Would using a water filter eliminate all toxics coming from the roof top (shingle particles, animal droppings, bacteria, etc)? If so, is there a specific waterfilter you can recommend, money really isnt an issue, I just want quality. Also would it be a good idea to keep chlorine in these barrels and then allow the filter to clean that out? Thanks!

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    I can't think of the actual name of the set-up but Alaska Pure Water sells a "cabin water filtration system" that will probably fit what you're looking for. I believe it is a series of 2 or 3 charcoal filters that you hook up in a line. I'm sure any drinking water supply place in Fairbanks carries the same set-up.

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    I was thinking more towards one of those portable filtration systems you use for camping, hunting, etc... as I would like to use this also for my hunting trips. I will look into that system though. Thanks!

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    Toxins aren't what you are concerned with, it's viruses and bacteria. The problem with a roof catchment system is that birds deposit some really bad stuff on your roof. The asphalt shingles are of a much less concern. Any filtering system (I use a Sweetwater) that uses at least a 1 micron filter, suitable to eliminate Giardia will be sufficient.


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