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    Hey guys looking to do some grouse hunting in the Jims creek area this weekend. Or anywhere in the vally for that matter. Jims is a big area and I walked the part near the parking lots on my lunch today and didnt see anything. would it be better to park near the kink and walk the sections close to the water. Im not asking for your honey holes, just some general info. I'll be hunting saturday and sunday mornings if anyone wants some company. i'm a avid duck hunter and very accomplised wing shooter but from the south and not a grouse hunter.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Jim Creek?

    I assume you are talking about Jim creek out by the Butte right? If so, I would try to stay away from that area right now if you are grouse hunting. That area will be packed with fisherman since the silvers and reds are running up Jim creek pretty good right now. If I were you, I would head someplace away from the crowds. Maybe Point Mckenzie or down the Glenn Hwy out past Sutton and Chickaloon. Any place where there is thick cover, grit for their gizzards, and the berries are ripening should be good. Good luck.

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    Jims is hit hard all the time so there isn't much game population close in to the roads there and to many people to hunt safely. If you are set on that area then a wheeler and an hour or so to get back in there would be a better choice. That said driving up north a ways on the parks or the Glen would get you into much better areas.

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    Default Kinda what i figured

    Yea thats kind of what I got from walking it the other day. oh well, thanks for the info I'll check um out. Are there any decent public access points up there?

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    I have learned that if I am going to drive out to the valley to hunt, that it is well worth it to keep driving another 45-90 minutes rather than try and hunt close in. The extra time driving really opens up a lot of options and a lot less people to deal with. As for honey holes, I doubt you will have much trouble finding a spot on your own. All it takes is some time walking an area to tell if there is much in the way of game to hunt.

    I found a great spot for hare without much effort. I know I am not the only one who hunts there, but I have never seen anyone else.
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