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Thread: Gulkana or the Parks this weekend?

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    Default Gulkana or the Parks this weekend?

    Since the water is in flood right now on the yetna river looks like were going to be looking for a good place to camp(with the rv) and fish alot. I was thinking maybe the gulkana tangle lakes area trip. Or fish the parks trip.

    Outfitted with most wt flyrods. Medium action spinning and big arsenal. Salmon would be nice but grayling is fun too. I know the parks is going to be pretty good for silvers and all but never fish up there too much. Any help would be nice. Thanks everyone
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    There should be a lot of silvers all through the parks highway streams and you would also have some good rainbow and a few grayling options as well. The Gulkana should be fishing well but there aren't a lot of other options heading that way for salmon unless you try the Klutina and things sound as though they have been slow there. You didn't say which direction you were coming from but the Byers creek campground is nice and fishing should be good from there south as long as you don't mind a few bears around. I am headed one of those two directions early next week myself so let me know how you do.

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