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Thread: Hunting on a silt filled river, Have you ever lost a boot? lol

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    Default Hunting on a silt filled river, Have you ever lost a boot? lol

    Just thinking back on some of the times that we would pull into a bank and step out and it seemed like it was hard sand (silt) with a little water on top, walk about 10 feet and then realize that you were in quicksand and can't go forward or backward, lol. I've lost a couple of boots to the stuff and had to listen to the laughter of the hunting buddy as I had to squirm like a snake to solid ground.

    I know I'm not the only one that has done this.

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    This was 30 yrs ago, Wash state, same muddy tidal silt. I had a new pair of chest waders and was picking up decoys, wading in the mud, boat close by. Both feet got stuck in the mud to where I couldnt gt either one out without pulling it out of the brand new waders. Ended up crawling out of them on my hands and knees as the tide went out, and rescuing my boat just before it was stranded. Could not get the new boots out for the life of me. Had to go home in my stocking feet and wet jeans. Leaving a number of my deks also. What a miserable cold day that turned out to be. Bud

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    I have had that happen with my hip waders but was always able to pull them out after removing my feet and legs from them, granted I was a muddy mess each time but I got my boots back. Can't say that I have ever stepped into that gunk in shoes or hiking boots though?

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    Had to Laugh RockSkipper!
    I was in S IL on a goose hunt one year and a guide was playing some homemade videos of a Arkansas snow goose hunt in rice fields.
    Now, they had 15 hunters in a longgg pit. Legally they could have 5 shots in their guns, so when a flock of several hundred geese flew over it was a mad mess of falling birds! One beautiful bird fell in front maybe 15 yards - this really big guy jumps out with these bright yellow knee boots and chases it as he wants to mount it! His first two steps in the rice silt yank off both boots - he is gaining on this cripple when one of his buddies blasts it and it looks like a feather pillow exploding!
    Now, imagine a guy about 350lbs, no boots on, mud to his butt walking back holding what "used" to resemble a goose! It was tooo funny....
    When asked what state I live in I say "The State of Confusion", better known as IL....


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