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    Being like most people (a transplant to AK), I'm starting to get the hang of the amazing fishing Alaska has to offer. I got the reds down fairly well, but I have yet to understand the silvers. I shore fished the salt in Valdez lat year for silvers with a fair amount of luck, but I really don't know how or what to do once they hit the rivers/streams. I continue to read on here the different approaches to landing them, but nothing beats some good ole fashion first hand knowledge and demonstration....

    Is anyone heading out this weekend that would be willing to show me and the lady (the kind that always outfishes the guys) the ropes? We were planning on targeting silvers by ourselves, but I thought it would be worth a shot to see if anyone could increase our learning curve and chances of landing one


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    If you're close to tidewater, use spinners, spoons, or flies. Anything brightly colored is good (orange, pink, charturese, etc). Once you're above tidal influence, expand your arsenal. Drifting eggs under a float or dead drifting egg clusters can be very effective. But once they move farther upstream, coho get real picky. If something isn't working, switch to something else. Recognize that sometimes nothing will work. They can easily go off the bite. Lockjaw coho are quite common. But don't give up. Keep moving. Find another hole or another school. Cover lots of water. I like to use spinners since I can cover lots of water quickly. Good luck.


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