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Thread: Roadside Angler info on Rabideaux

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    Default Roadside Angler info on Rabideaux

    A couple years ago I took my dad to the Rabideaux based on info from the Highway Angler and slayed the cohos. Last trip down to the valley I tried taking a look back there and it now looks like the road I used to get a GMC Yukon down to the creek has been washed out. Am I in the wrong spot? Is there still road access to the creek? I was really looking forward to hitting that up again in late August...Thanks!

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    There are still three of the four access roads still passable, below the bridge of Rabideaux. The State DOT bermed up one of the exits, to purposefully block it off. Then some folks pioneered a shot in there, right along the guardrail. All three exits leading west, immediately to the north of the Bridge on the Parks where it crosses the Big Su, will put in in there.
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