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    Bit of a late report but nonetheless... went fishing at Willow this weekend on saturday and sunday. Arrived at about 2 PM on saturday and immediately rigged up with my flypole with a bobber/roe setup. After walking down the path to the creek (this being my first time here) I tossed out some roe and played around for a minute just looking for the general hot spots where fish get caught and what people were using etc. I talked with somone who said it had been excellent fishing for silvers the past few days in the mornings/evenings but that saturday had become very slow. These people soon left and the bite turned on
    People were having fair success catching big bright chums, humped humpys, and the occasional silver. After realizing the crowded area would simply not work with eggs during peak hours, I switched to my spinning outfit and trusty dark green vibrax. Hit my first fish, a fiesty 7 and 1/2 lb silver hen within 30 minutes. I returned to my campsite, grabbed the fillet knife and took off the nice fillets then went back to fishing in my same relaxed spot. Casted for about another hour and a half before having one helluva strike on the same trusty vibrax. After an enticing fun 5 or 6 minute fight with everyone watching the fish dance and jump around in the water I landed a huge dime bright buck estimated around 11-12 lbs. Continued fishing for another 30 minutes or so, landing one nice chum and then called it quits... people seemed to be hooking up regularly with a nice distribution mix of silvers/pinks/chums as I left, with most parties atleast going home with one silver. Woke up the next morning around 7 am with the intent to float some roe at an amazing hole I discovered only to arrive and realize I forgot my roe. I am a pretty stubborn fisherman and didnt want to waste more time retrieving it so I went back to my prior spot on the river and began casting my green vibrax, looking around fishing seemed very slow, only had seen one silver come out in my first ten minutes there with 25 people or so and then bam I get a HARD hit, unfortunately this one came off after about 5 seconds. Continued fishing and had another fish on for about 30 seconds before popping off... lady directly next to me also begins to tie into a few pinks and I can observe pinks and one or two silvers milling in the water in front of me. I ended up catching 4 or 5 pinks before a 9 or 10 year old kid arrived next to me and hooked up on his second cast on his purple vibrax. He had a nice little fight and landed a very good sized slightly sized buck. Continued fishing for a few more hours only to land one more chum and miss one or two more strikes. Fishing was still very slow when I left around 11 AM.

    Good luck-

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    I was told this area is an one unbaited, single hook, artificial lure? Can someone clarify? In the mean time I'll go find a regulations book. Thanks in advance!

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    no you can use bait at the mouths of all the parks streams, but read the regs some places once you get into the river you can't at all, and others will let you a little ways up.


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