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Thread: ....honoring Andy Simons, each year, at this time......

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    Default ....honoring Andy Simons, each year, at this time......

    .....ever wonder the real reason why sheep opener is on Aug 10th??

    -we visit his grave periodically; he is buried in the Masonic cemetary here in Seward...
    ....a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed....

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    He traveled the level road and now resides with the Grand Architect of the universe.So mode it be
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you

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    Quote Originally Posted by aksheephuntress View Post
    .....ever wonder the real reason why sheep opener is on Aug 10th??

    -we visit his grave periodically; he is buried in the Masonic cemetary here in Seward...
    Thank you for posting and "reminding" of a when "hunting" and "guiding" and probably "society" in general were considerably different than today.
    Thank you again.
    Joe (Ak)

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    Thank You for the post. I had no idea of this correlation. Interesting indeed. I have climbed his namesake a few times.
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    Who was he?

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    Fair Chase guide; conservationist. Part of the Kenai Ntl. Wildlife Refuge is named in his honor.

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    Default Neat Andy Simons story - circa 1919

    Mike Strahan posted way back when an excerpt from a book ("Look to the Wilderness" by W. Douglas Burden) that included a story on "siwash" camping with Andy Simons. I had saved it, really a cool story, the writer is relaying a story told to him by Henry Lucas, who guided for Andy. It involves "siwash" camping:
    “Siwashing” is the only way to travel in the hills, but I began to realize that it automatically involves a contest in toughness. “Siwash” is an Alaskan term meaning Indian and “siwashing” is to camp the way the Indians do- with nothing but rifle, fry pan, tea pail, salt, tea, and a little sourdough. Siwashing releases you from the necessity of returning to any fixed campsite. You are free to go where you please- to move as the spirit moves you...But every night the contest begins anew, for the tougher you are the less fire you need. And as the protecting warmth dwindles with the dying embers and the chill enters your bones, you lie there pretending to be asleep and hoping the other man will rouse up to put on more wood.

    Here's the funny part with Andy:
    Henry told me that when he was siwashing with the great guide Andy Simons, he became tired of keeping fire for him. So finally one night he got up very quietly and walked off over the dark mountainside for a quarter of a mile and built himself a new fire. He was just getting himself cozily fixed before a fine bright flame when Andy moved in and lay down without saying a single word. After that, Henry admitted defeat just as I already had.

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    Default Good story

    Going minimalist and Siwashing is really cool. If you want to travel far enough bad enough your gonna find other means to survive without carrying a huge load.

    I've never done it but can imagine Siwashing in a the rainforests of SE would be very challenging. The wet everything make maintaining heat very difficult.

    Neat story about tough ol' boys. I hope the sheephunters out there are sleeping sound tonight after a full day of humpin' the hills.


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