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Thread: Great herring for bait............or lunch ???????

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    Default Great herring for bait............or lunch ???????

    Just had to pass this along for anyone who has wondered .........those fresh herring we catch for bait are really good to eat! Tried a few fried, and liked them. So then I had a vision of the little beauties canned in tomato sauce, just like the sardines in tomato sauce I liked long ago. I found a recipe online, so here it is. Scale 'em, take head & tail off & guts out(I'm not that hardcore....yet). Cut 'em up, pack in half pint jars, add a quarter teaspoon salt, add a tablespoon vegetable oil, then fill to a half inch of the top with tomato sauce. Can 'em for 100 minutes @ 15lbs. pressure, and that bait is now excellent herring in tomato sauce for lunch.......just add some crackers! So you may not want to feed 'em all to the big 'butts down there somewhere!! Or NOT !

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    The herring we jig up in whittier or Seward this time of year are excellent eating. Most people in Alaska that have tried herring have eaten the herring they catch in spring as they are making their spawning run. The fishermen wait until the roe content is high enough to justify catching. From a salmon equivalent, that's like eating a dark red green headed sockeye that has or is about to spawn.

    The herring right now is super fat. If you broil them or use flames, be careful! They are super rich in oil and will ignite!

    My kids prefer them to anything else I catch. If you grill them indoors, know they will cause the house to smell like grilled herring for a day or two without a commercial vent!

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    They are also great, prepared (skinned, headed, gutted) then fried up with some garlic and olive oil.... squeeze a little lemon juice and enjoy

    Very tasty... they do sardines like this in Spain and Italy.
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    Hmm, I love sardines in mustard sauce......might have to try that next the spawning hoolies would probably not be too good I spose........

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    Not sure if the hooligans are naturally oily but even loaded with roe, they seem to have quite a bit of fat.

    In the past we special order herring from the dutch harbor bait fishery which targets them outside the spawning season and they are amazingly good food fish.

    Cook the fish whole and the bones just peel off. Or can/jar them and then you can eat the bones no problem.

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    Pickled herring in rollmops is to die for . . .

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    Default What a Thread

    THIS is the thread I've been looking for... Thanks guys

    I knew there was a Goldmine of Flavor there, all those Scandinavians can't be wrong, actually aren't they pretty on top of it....

    Somehow I never figured out the part about timing tho of a spawned out fish versus the same fish this time of year. Good One

    Now I just gotta remember this thread (to search it out) when I get home in a few weeks.
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