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Thread: What's the flying weather like in September?

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    Default What's the flying weather like in September?

    Well I have finally gotten to a point where I can leave on my trip to Ak in the next few days. I had planned to leave the last week of June, but I had to have a fairly serious eye operation in late May, and my Dr advised against it, should something go wrong. Since I only have one eye left, I decided to take his advice. Follow up Dr visits have resulted in an OK to go, so I am really itching to get going. I had wanted to stay at least a month, but now that will mean returning home in Sept. Some folks I have talked to say some of the best weather the entire year is in early Sept. Some say I could get stuck there until next year . When I look at the 10 day forecast for Anchorage, all I have seen for awhile is rain (I've heard it was a very rainy summer so far). So I may have to wait till next year . So, would it be smart to plan on returning mid Sept? My route in and out is Anc to Northway to Whitehorse, and hope to make it down the Cook inlet to Homer and Seldovia and across to Lake Clark if weather permits.


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    Default tough call in Sept.

    Sept. is a tough call in South Central. I had a client in and sat for 8 days in early Sept. one year and the next year we were CAVU the same time and few all over the place. Seldovia can get nasty for week long blocks anytime of the year. Take your time and don't push the weather, and watch the wind in the mountains.

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    We've had September weather in June, July and the first part of August. I've been doing about half my normal flying schedule so far this summer. It's hard to tell what will happen in September. Alaska is a big place, if you stay flexible and watch the weather you can usually find someplace to go that will be flyable. Keep Dawson City in mind on your way to or from Alaska. It's a pretty cool place. If your flying in to Alaska you can fly downstream on the Yukon River from Dawson City and clear Customs in Eagle, another pretty cool place. Trust me, you won't miss anything if you bypass Northway. Check with Customs about clearing in Eagle before you commit to going there. The seasonal customs agent in Eagle was killed in a car crash earlier this summer. I'm pretty sure Customs has replaced the agent but it may limit the scheduled duty time. As suggested in the previous post, keep an eye on the winds aloft forecast in the mountains.

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    As mentioned we have had a horrible summer. Last year was great.
    Along coastal Alaska, the weather changes hourly and that is when you have to get in your flying. The last two mornings have been great until about mid-day.
    Around here , If you don't like the weather, wait for 30 minutes and it will change.
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    Early to mid September is mostly rain and low ceilings. Some years are better than others, but my 35-years taught me that is will always rain in moose season.

    On the other hand, don't let that turn you away. Alaska is a great place year round!


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