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Thread: Shrimp pots and weight

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    Default Shrimp pots and weight

    A couple weekends ago we set pots at my normal spot. A two pot string and a three pot string. I have about 60 feet of line between pots then the last pot has 600 feet of line to the buoy. All pots are lined with chain and are heavy. I set them in 500 feet to start and the last ones go over about 350 to 400 feet. This setup has worked well for me, they don't move and I've been getting good numbers. Well this time I set them as normal and fish some, come back and they've drifted well deeper. Ok, I guess I need more weight. I reset the 3 pot string with each of them holding a cannon ball from the downriggers. A couple hour soak, more fishing and I come back. Drift again, this time probably a good 300 yards and they are floating in 900 feet.

    I can't imagine they need more weight, so I guess the lesson is sometimes pots drift regardless? Or is there something I need to adjust? Perhaps the infamous shrimp thieve hit them Seriously I was fishing/otter hunting in the vacinity the whole time and I would have known if another boat was around.
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    Maybe also try a mushroom anchor on the end? Big tidal swing last weekend and so I am guessing maybe also big currents.

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    Strong tide, wind a log are just a few of the factors, waters drag on bouey & rope.
    I try not to set near a edge, but yes they will move. One thing I'll note about adding a anchor is, or at least what I would do is have a weak link between the pot & anchor so if it does get hung up you have a way of breaking them apart.
    Hint; Only good if for example the 100# halibut line is linked to the rope and not the pot it's self.


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