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Thread: Ninilchik RV park looking to fish Tomorrow.

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    Default Ninilchik RV park looking to fish Tomorrow.

    Can anybody give me some idea where to to fish in Ninilchik 8/10/10 or any place here to Homer? I have a couple of rods and a couple of kids ?

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    Fish any deep spot in Ninilchik or Deep Creek or Anchor River. Might be some slivers, should be some pinks and dollies for sure. Use bait if you can, single eggs work for dollies or any egg imitation. Silvers like the early AM, the others don't really care. I just looked at the weir counts for Anchor and they look respectable for this time of year so you might give that a try if the kids are not too young to be on the river at 5 AM.


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