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Thread: anyone in ketchikan?

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    Default anyone in ketchikan?

    I am planning a trip to AK in December to hunt seaducks hopefully without a guide. I have inlaws that live in ketchikan so that where I think ill go but I'm open to suggestions(somewhere Alaska airlines stops)

    Anyone care to give a Guy a few pointers or maybe share a blind with us for a day?

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    Not many local Seaduck hunters. Most locals hunt Mallards and Geese (tidal flat hunting) that time of year. And hunting from blinds is not don usually. Just set up on a point where the Seaducks fly by. But a boat is needed to get there and retrieve them.

    There is much better waterfowling out on Prince of Wales Island. There is daily ferry service out there from Ketchikan. But the Seaducks are usually not in the tidal flats accessed from the roads. A boat will be needed.

    Keep me in mind if you decide to go Guided.


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