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Thread: Tok & Robertson River trails?

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    Question Tok & Robertson River trails?

    Does anyone have any knowledge of atv trails leading up the headwaters of the Robertson and/or Tok Rivers? I'm looking at heading up there for a sheep hunt on August 25th.

    Any help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default I'm not shure

    I do not know about trails there, but you could drive in the river bed if water is low. I think you cannot use moterized vehicals to hunt sheep up that drainage. Did you apply for a permit to hunt in the Tok Management Unit? If so you may have to try another way to get in there. I think there are some air strips up there, you might try a drop off hunt. Well good luck keep us posted.

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    Thumbs down Tok River

    Watched them drive 4WD pickups during fall up the Tok river bed, kinda mess my hunting up............never been back since......93'.

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    Default trails

    None to my knowledge. Most drive up the river beds. Pretty iffy is using an atv as if it rains, you are SCREWED. It is not uncommon for it to rain during that time of the year.


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