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Thread: Thank you shrimp thief

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    Default Thank you shrimp thief

    I just want to thank whoever checked my shrimp pots early Saturday morning in Passage Canal. You must have had a long night or a very early morning, by the number of shrimp that I did have I would bet you were helping yourself to my shrimp around 0400. But really, I do want to thank you for putting my pots pretty close to were I had left them, not just dumping them in one big pile or losing any of my gear. You my friend are one of the few ethical shrimp thieves I know and for that I salute you. Not sure if you checked the bright green buoy next to mine or not but would be curios to know how he did since you did drop both my sets within spitting distance of his. So that's it, I hope you enjoyed my catch and maybe someday we can meet up and have a shrimp cocktail together. Until then I can only hope you choke on one of those big shrimp or better yet have an allergic reaction and have your throat swell shut.

    Thanks again

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    Gosh, I hate thieves. More than misguided politics!!! I hope Karma takes notice and returns your thoughts into actions to them tenfold.
    If a dipnetter dips a fish and there is no one around to see/hear it, Did he really dip?


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