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    I'm looking to take some friends down the Little Su for a couple day float tomorrow and Wednesday. Put in at Schrock Road and take out at the Parks Bridge. Some of us are fishing and other just along for the ride.

    We have a couple cars for shuttling so we're set there.

    I just was looking for opinions on whether this is a good 2 day float (too long or too short). And I heard there should be lots of good camping spots along the way. And the raft book says 14 miles which I think is ideal for a couple day float. Thoughts? Other suggestions of rivers to float within a few hours of Anchorage.

    I've read that the log jams were cleared a little while ago. Also that we'll be rowing a lot. Rowing, no problem. Log jams, problem. I don't want to have to portage if at all possible.


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    Its more like a half day float. Parks Bridge down to berma landing 2-3 days.


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