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    I am a duck and goose hunting nut... It is the one thing i put over anything else. I volunteer for DU as much as I can and enjoy doing my part to help ducks and duck hunters thrive, BUT I only have been able to hunt once before I deployed and I haven't been able to get out scout, ask permission, or even research on hunting here in AK. So, here I am asking for help. I know typically hunters don't like to give up there spots, tricks, etc etc. Would anybody be willing to let me in on the good stuff? does anybody have land I may hunt or know good places to go, how to hunt particular areas, or maybe even take me out with them. I have decoys and I'm pretty good at making blinds.

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    Well, as mentioned when you first posted this thread on the Hunting forum, all the basic info you are asking for is already on here. More specific info will have to come directly from someone. There are a few of us that are good about answering specific questions if you come up with one, and if we know a specific answer.

    There are only a few places around Anchorage to hunt and all of them are well documented here in many posts: Hay Flats, Jim Creek, Coastal Refuge, 20 mile, Goose Bay. These are the spots, and the details are buried throughout the threads as well as on the ADFG game refuge website listings. Nearly all the waterfowl hunting is on public land. There is very little private land in Upper Cook Inlet that has wetlands that would be open to non natives.

    Keep in mind that things are getting more and more crowded up here with more and more people hunting small game than ever before. There are no more secret spots. There are however a lot of neat places that are fun to hunt when not overrun.

    With out a small shallow draft boat and a light mud motor you will be locked out of many places on the road system.

    If you are a serious goose hunter you have moved to the wrong state/town.

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    FarouT.......Your post wasn't clear, do u deploy this fall or did you already deploy and have retruned, missing most of last season. Guess it doesn't matter. Send me a pm and if you are interested I'll take you along on one of my early season hunts if you are interested. I've got all the equipment, only problem would be if my boat quits on me like it did last year. Bud


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