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Thread: Routes from Mat-Su to Seward

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    Default Routes from Mat-Su to Seward

    While I'm perfectly capable of planning a route myself if need be I was hoping for some local knowledge here. If you were contending with less than CAVU conditions how would you route plan around Anchorage and down into Seward (PAWD.) Though I've traveled from the north into various Anchorage airports many times I haven't had the pleasure of flying the Kenai Peninsula before. I'm an Interior-based guy.

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    With the crappy weather we are having this year, ( God's force field to help run off some of the carpet baggers)
    it should be interesting.
    Usually a good way to avoid most of the weather is by going down behind Anchorage, over Turnagain Arm and down to Skilak Lake, then turn left down Resurrection Pass and come in the back way past Exit Glacier into Seward. It is wider that way and much less confined than following the hwy down.

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    Before you fly between the Anchorage Class C airspace and the Chugiak range check the winds aloft forecast. When the wind is out of the southeast you'll get turbulence off the mountains that will get your attention. You get squeezed between the Restricted Area/Class C and the mountains right where the turbulence is worst. If the ceiling allows it your better off climbing over the Class C airspace (assuming you have mode C) and going direct over the Turnagin Arm down to Skilak lake. If the winds are more that 35kts at 6 or 9 thousand feet it's a good day to stay home.

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    Yeah I'm wary of trying to thread the needle east of town.

    Sounds like it is a crossing at Pt Possession then to Skilak Lake, or if it is nice, over the top of Anchorage and across Turnagain at a narrower spot but stay west of Hope in the flats. Thanks for the tips.

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    Only on a day dominated by high pressure ...

    Eagle River Valley
    Crow Pass
    Over Alyeska/Girdwood
    Cross Turnagin Arm
    Follow the Railroad tracks to Seward

    Very scenic flight ... but

    Only on a day dominated by high pressure ...

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    the turn again arm will make you beleiver in wind and mountains. I came out of hope headed to ANC thinking what could happen in that short of a flight.... BUZZZZZ "Bob, tell him what he could have won" I'll just stay out of there in 20+ kts from now on.

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    You could also cross Turnagain Arrm to overfly Hope, follow the higway to Kenai Lake, cross it to pass Cooper Lake (on your right), and hang a left to get into Resurrection Pass. Also a scenic flight. You'd overfly Summit Lodge and fly past several old mine tailings. One caution: WATCH THE POWERLINE CROSSING JUST TO YOUR LEFT WHEN YOU REACH KENAI LAKE!


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