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Thread: Our first AK fishing trip report

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    Default Our first AK fishing trip report

    So a few weeks ago, 4 of my family members and I took our first AK fishing trip. It was a blast, I would have liked to come home with more fish but the entire trip was a blast.

    Weather didn't cooperate with us, we were amazed at the landscape (that we did see).

    We flew from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Portland then into Anchorage. We picked up our RV from Great Alaskan Adventures, hit Walmart and headed for Hope for a day and a half of fishing. We arrived in Hope, got an RV spot and my step-bro and I fished for about 24 hours straight, the rest of them off and on. We caught our limit of pinks... however not impressed with them at all. Hope was not very busy, but a few fisherman, right there at the inlet. I lost about 10 pixies, but recovered about 25 after spending an hour on the other side of the river, up in the trees. . Fishing for the pinks were fun, not impressed with quality of meat thou... but Im really not complaining.

    From Hope we headed to the Russian River. We stopped at one of the many stores before the RRCG and asked how the fishing was... reports were "poor". So not to be discouraged we got our RV spot in the RRCG and made our way down to the confluence. THAT WAS A TRIP!!!. Saw a young griz and a huge brown bear, I might have messed in my waders... still not sure. We fished the confluence with about 20 other people for two hours and didnt catch a single fish. Some nice guy told us to head down to Soldotna, cause the Red fishing was killer. So we took a vote and did just that.

    We got to Soldotna in about an hour, drove out by the airport to the visitors center and got my first glimpse of combat fishing at its finest. That was freaking insane!!! Prob the best part of the entire trip. It was uncomfortable at first, but a few locals showed us how. We had trouble catching fish. After hitting up Ken's Alaskan tackle on the corner for some proper gear, we were able to land a few fish. It was frustrating thou. People downstream and upstream (I mean right next to you!!!) were limiting out in an hour... but here we fished for 8 hours and caught 3. So after a warm meal and some liquid motivation... we spent another 18 hour straight fishing (again me and the step-bro). We managed to catch our limits before we headed to Homer.

    Arrive in Homer and prepare for our 1/2 day Halibut trip with Rainbow Connection by stopping at Lands End for a burger and drink. Wandered the town and hit the sack early. We arrive on the docks at 5:30... board the boat and then immediately unboard. The boat had some mechanical difficulties... the night before the boat's gear box went out and they put it in backwards... forward was reverse and reverse was forward. So they sent us out on our own to find a boat to get on or wait till tommorow. We decided to wait for tommorows trip. It was a good call because all the boats came back about 2 hours later cause of the swells being too bad. So we fished the marina outside of the Lands End place and even attempted the Fishing Hole. Fishing hole was slow... Silvers havent made it in yet. But we had alot of fun catching cot, rock fish, flounder, etc. We attempted to each the cod and found out there are worms inside the meat.... did not know that. I dont know if you could cook and eat it, but we didnt want to take the chance. So the next AM, we got up and made it out of the marina on our 25-person halibut boat. WORST EXPERIENCE OF THE TRIP!!!. We didnt know better but we found out later that we could have spent $50 more and got on a six pack and caught 3 times bigger halibut. Long story short... we limited out 20 minutes before the trip was over and averaged about 10 lb halibut. The only thing cool about that trip was watching the deckhands fillet out the fish on the boat ride back... oh and the ice cold Bud Light I got to drink. Had to spend an extra night in Homer. Went to the Salty Dog and got T-RASHED!!!

    Headed back to Soldotna and fished for 24 hours straight in hopes to catch our limit and fill our freezers. We managed to do it!!! We fished 24 hours straight with time in between to drop our previous limits off to the freeze (at the RV camp we stayed in). It helped that they increased the limit to 6 while we were there.

    We made it back to Anchorage, dropped the RV off and flew out, stopping off in Seattle.

    Took me a few days to recover after fishing for 8 days straight, but I managed. I really had a good time. I saw some things that didn't impress me (things other fisherman were doing and how some of them were acting... but you get that everywhere I suppose). I had no idea what I was doing when I showed up with a pole in my hand and learned alot. I think after several more trips I will have it down. Meet some fantastic people and those made the trip most memorable.

    We will be back next year for more.



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    Glad you had a good trip.
    Alaska has some pretty nice scenery and the fishin' isn't too bad either.


    So lets see 'em!!!!

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    Cool report... Sounds a little like a few trips i've made there.. Gotta fish all you can while your there,, you can sleep when you get home...


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