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Thread: Waterfowl! it is coming up in a few weeks..

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    Default Waterfowl! it is coming up in a few weeks..

    I am a duck and goose hunting nut... It is the one thing i put over anything else. I volunteer for DU as much as I can and enjoy doing my part to help ducks and duck hunters thrive, BUT I only have been able to hunt once before I deployed and I haven't been able to get out scout, ask permission, or even research on hunting here in AK. So, here I am asking for help. I know typically hunters don't like to give up there spots, tricks, etc etc. Would anybody be willing to let me in on the good stuff? does anybody have land I may hunt or know good places to go, how to hunt particular areas, or maybe even take me out with them. I have decoys and I'm pretty good at making blinds.

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    If you scroll down a little farther on the forums list you will find a "waterfowl hunting" section. If you read through the old posts you will find all the information you need and more. good luck and thanks for your service.


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