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Thread: Upper Kenai Water Levels?

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    Default Upper Kenai Water Levels?

    How high has the water been down there? Has it affected the fishing? My wife and I are going to drive down there for a float on the 21st of August and I haven't heard any reports of fishing. I know it has been a slammer year for the reds, but not quite sure how all this rain is effecting the rainbow and dolly fishing down there. Any reports would be great. Thanks.

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    im gonna go out on a limb here but it is high, fast and the fishes are hanging on for thier lives right now
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    Floated it Mon-Wed this past week and that river is smokin'......

    Still good sockeye fishing, but don't expect em to be in the normal locations......And if you plan on pulling onto a beach or gravel bar....Expect to land in brush....
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