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    So I just picked up a Fuji XP10 waterproof camera and hoped I'd get a chum to test it out. With recent counts exceeding 1500 chums a day, I figured this was golden. After the idiot dog beater left (read my other post), I was able to concentrate on fishing. Well, after nearly 7 hours hours of slinging hardware and bouncing eggs, my luck was changing. Up until then, I had not seen ONE, not a single chum swim past all day. hmmm, whose posting those count Anyway, I did see several kings still coming by and finally got one to hold up on a redd. I casted everything I had at this fish..wigglewarts, roe, and finally a pixie...this king wanted nothing to do with the offerings and just wanted to finish the chore at hand. I was taking my last cast, I kid you not, and she struck it. When I set the hook, the oddest thing happened...the fish just went limp...never fought at all. When I got it in, I realized why it wasnt striking the lures drifting by its nest. One eye was completely gone (missing) and the other eye looked like it was rotting off. Not sure how she saw the pixie, maybe the sun shining off it? Was gonna take an above water pic when my hand pressure on the belly released a cannon shot of eggs. To boot, this fish was already rotting underneath too. I promptly released the fish, without taking a picture above the surface, and it was able to get back out where I caught it. At least it had a chance to complete the cycle. I took a few pics of the fish underwater and of the eggs it released too. Pretty nice camera...hopefully Willow Creek gives me more subject matter next week.
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