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Thread: Valdez fishing labor day?

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    Default Valdez fishing labor day?

    I was hoping someone could tell me about silver fishing in Valdez over labor day. Are the fish basicly in the harbor and anywhere in the bay. Where would a person troll or mooch for silvers at this time of year. Would going out to Sawmill or Jacks Bay not be worth the effort? Thanks for any and all advice.

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    It depends on when the fish come in. They are not close yet, I was down there this week. They should not be any farther out than Jack's Bay by then and I would guess much closer to town

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    It's a late Labor Day this year, so chances are pretty good you'll be able to catch them from the city dock, the harbor, or by Allison Point. It all depends on when they flood the bay, but fishing can be fantastic from land when they are in. Last year when we were there, they hadn't really made it to the end of the bay in fishable numbers, but you didn't have to go far out at all to get to them. Two years ago I killed them from the city dock, then the following day took a boat out. I did much better from the city dock and limited in an afternoon where in the boat it took us all day to limit. Sometimes it is better to NOT go out in a

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    I am planning on heading down there on wednesday morning and shore fishing, but from what it sounds like I might be wasting my time. I was down there this time summer 08 and just killed them from allison point. But from what you said Mike, they are not in yet.


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