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Thread: DS102 Tok River Valley

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    Default DS102 Tok River Valley

    In my lottery winning excitement, I've been trying to figure out the best area to go for sheep in TMA. From what I'm seeing, the Tok River might not be too bad. Any info on if you can get an ATV up the river valley? Is there decent parking near there? What about some of the other river valley's in the unit?
    Also, I'm seeing in the regs in unit 12 that you can pretty much hunt anything in that area. Is that realistic? Are there caribou up there?
    I'm sure people don't want to part with too much information, but thought I may as well ask. I would appreciate ANY info about the area that anyone might have.

    Thanks in advance for any info, good or bad.


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    Default Tok

    If you drew a tag, spend the money and fly, you'll be sorry if you dont

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    Default check with F-G

    according to their website, success is equal among fly-ins, atv's and walk-ins.


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