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Thread: Bank fishing Silvers in Whittier

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    Default Bank fishing Silvers in Whittier

    I'd like to get up to Whittier this fall for silvers. I've got a Kayak and I'd like to try fishing from some of the beaches on the way to Shotgun Cove/decision point. Is this do-able? If not, what are some good spots for bank fishing silvers? Thanks for the help

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    If the silvers come in, you can fish anywhere near the harbor. Last year they didn't seem to show up very much, at least not like in previous years. There are lots of herring near the breakwater right now, and probably over by the processor dock, so maybe the silvers will arrive soon to chase them. I'm not sure there are any real beaches along the way to Shotgun Cove. I thought it was mostly cliffs along there. Maybe someone else knows better and can fill you in.


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