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Thread: Skagway vs Ketchikan kings 31 May 07?

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    Default Skagway vs Ketchikan kings 31 May 07?

    My wife and I are interested in a half day charter for kings. We will be in Skagway 31 May and Ketchikan 2 Jun. Which would be a better choice, and any specific recommendations for charters?

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    I am going to presume that you will be on a cruise. If that's correct then I would opt for Ketchikan. The terminal King fishery should be in full swing in early June and the run to the fishing grounds from the cruise dock is only about 20 minutes. With that being said I really don't know a lot about King fishing in Skagway ( I don't think they have a terminal run ). It's been 6 years since I lived in K-town so I don't have a good tip on a guide, but your cruise line should have all that info.

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    Default Ketchikan kings

    I've never been to Skagway so can't give you any info about it other then to say, you don't often here Skagway mentioned when talking about good places to fish for kings in Alaska. That being said, I have spent a few years fishing in and around Ketchikan, your timing is a little early but can still be very good, there are a bunch of "cruise ship" charters that should be able to put you on a few fish, these are short 4 hour trips that usually produce a couple fish, don't go in with huge expectations as they just don't have the time to really load up the fish box. The cruise ship should have plenty of info for you. Good luck.


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