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Thread: Trolling Bucktails for Silvers

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    Default Trolling Bucktails for Silvers

    Hi all,

    I'll be fishing in Ketchikan in early Septemeber and I'm thinking about trolling bucktails on my 8wt fly rod to mix things up a bit. I fished around Clover Pass last year and did will with cut plug herring on it's own and with an 8" flasher. I have not tried bucktails before, so I have a few questions I'm hoping might get answered.

    - I have heard to fish them 30-50 feet from the boat in the prop wash. Should I fish them right on the surface or with a little weight to get them down?

    - Can I or Should I fish them with a little ProChip flasher? I have a few 8", 4", so am wondering if this would help. Again, if I'm using a flasher, I'm guessing I'll need to put on a little weight to get the flasher off the surface and actually flashing. Correct?

    Any other help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    with a fly rod i would not use a flasher but i would put some weight on it. 1.5 oz should do it just fine though you may have to adjust depnding on how deep the fish are.

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    Yesterday I caught 2 separate silvers on hoochies that were skidding across the surface behind flashers as I was getting other rods attached to the down rigger wires. If there are Coho around bucktails will work just fine. I second kgpcr's recommendation against a flasher on a fly rod - mainly because of the amount of drag against the rod. IMHO I think any flasher would compromise the fun of playing a fish on the fly rod and would only provide limited advantage for bucktailing with that type of rod.

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    Two small spinners in front as shown will increase hookups exponentially.

    A small weight 4-6' in front helps too-a lot depends on the bubbles from your motor-the best I have found is a 30 horse Yamaha 2 stroke they love those bubbles and seem to hang out just where they drop off.

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