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Thread: sights for ruger redhawk

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    Default sights for ruger redhawk

    What replacement sight is a good hunting sight for the ruger redhawk 5.5" 44 magnum? I am reading that some buyers of this model of gun might prefer a different sight over the factory sight. What are your experiences with your hunting handguns?

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    I have the same gun in 45 Colt. I think you'll like the gun. I have Bowen sights. You can get different height blades in several different styles to regulate for heavy bullets. They make fantastic rear sights too, if you like traditional style sights, like a target rear blade and a patridge style front. They also do excellent action jobs on the redhawk. Check it out: Bowen Classic Arms.
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    Default More info - most but not all specific for hunting...

    Those Bowen sights AlpineEarl posted are slick ( and others like them too (Murphy in 18806 below).

    redhawk v notch rear with gold dot front sights:
    (Murphy also likes the Bowen sights posted by AE)

    Williams Fire Sights:

    Good luck.


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