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Thread: Which External Frame

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    Default Which External Frame

    I am looking at either the Barney's or the Kifaru. The plan is to strap my Eberlstock J1 (my daypack) to it, and hopefully all my gear and a sheep on the way out. Comfort while weighted is the key. Any input would be appreciated and I'm not interested in a Cabela's. Thank you.
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    Default Barney's Pack

    look at: and then click on the "gear list", and then scroll down to backpack....and read. I have over 20 years sheep hunting experience with Barney's Packs...have tried all the others...and have returned to Barney's since I have found none better overall.

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    Default barneys

    Go buy a Barneys.

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    this is about a popular question as which handgun or which rifle...geez.
    barneys for me, just make a poll that way it goes faster.
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    I've never tried a Kirafu, but I have no complaints about hauling 100 lbs. in a Barney's, other than 100 lbs. gets kinda heavy. Don't let the price tag scare you either, a wad of hundred dollar bills never did anyone any good out in the field.

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    Red face daypacks

    i have not seen the new barney's day pack.

    that being said. i have and like the kifaru zulu, about 4,000 cu in. there are compression straps to shrink it vertically and horizontally. i like having more space than i need, because i usually need it.

    kifaru is guaranteed for life and they give excellent customer service.
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