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Thread: Remington XCR 7MM Mag.

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    Default Remington XCR 7MM Mag.

    I like to read the posts from all......but it's been a little slow lately! So here's mine. Bought a Rem. 700 xcr 7mm mag. last fall, put a Huskemaw scope on it, and headed to the range. After 40 yrs. of carrying my reliable rem 700 .300 mag., I had high expectations! But after numerous trips to the range, 300 rounds of ammo, and every load combo with Berger bullets and every cartridge tweak(headspace, coal, etc.).....this gun would not shoot any better than MOA, and I surely had hoped for better than that! So I sent it to a gunshop in Cody, Wy. for an overhaul. After getting a new Timney, Talley, HS Precision and Shilen, and a handload already worked up for it, I got it back last Spring, and off to the range I headed. This gun now shoots jagged holes at 200 yds, and 3" groups at 900 yards with a 5mph crosswind!! Too heavy at 11 lbs. to pack up many mountains, but I'm too old to go there anyway!! My new motto is ' walk shorter and shoot longer' !
    A final note....after ordering and receiving 2 8# jugs of H-1000 powder from Midway last Spring, I got a visit from Homeland Security-----no problem, but I guess we all gotta know that someone is watching!
    Good luck to all you shooters and hunters this fall.........I'll be reading your posts!

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    I guess you've got to do what you've got to do. I have a very similar rifle in 7mm RUM which has also gone through the modification stage, same as yours. I just picked up the barreled action at the post office today after having spent six months at Hart getting a 26" stainless fluted barrel installed.

    Did the same to an older Rem 700 in 22-250 last winter. It is now a .22-250 AI with a 26" fluted stainless Douglas barrel. I couldn't be happier as it will shoot one hole groups all day long (when I'm up to it anyway).

    Good luck with the .300 mag, sounds like you have a nice rifle there!
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