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    Hey guys anyone ever heard of blue collar decoys? I stumbled on their website and I'm impressed with the detail of their decoys. 100% made in the US and after five years of abuse they'll repaint your decoys for a fraction of the cost. Now, I don't know what they define "fraction of the cost" as but seems like a pretty sweet gig.

    take a look and post what you think.

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    Hey, yes those do look nice but not for me. Maybe you rich guys it would be ok. $125/6 is way out of my price range, plus shipping for something like that would be high. I look for decoys at Wal Mart in Oct/Nov in AK and buy the at $16/doz for the next season. Couple years ago I bought 5 doz that way, still have one dz in the garage unopened. Cheap me. Bud

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    I did the same thing, I cleaned out the eagle river wal-mart one year. I think I ended up with 6 doz plus the last 4 goose floaters they had. I think I have only used about half of them.
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    ...maybe you rich guys...

    not sure who you're talking to because it sure isn't me. Nothing wrong with window shopping.

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    Hard to hear of a company that just opened their doors a few weeks ago.

    These decoys are molded off of a master from Don Mintz, and he and his boys are painting them. Don has recently opened his own shop due to a HOA issue at his house kicking him out of his garage as a business work space.

    I have a few wigeon feeders from Don that are simply awesome to use. They did cost a little bit but they suck birds in like they are supposed to.

    If you are hunting wigeon on tidal grass flats, flooded fields, or river bars in the PNW (or Leaf Lake) then having a few full body decoys to set out would be a good thing to draw the birds in.

    The amount of Eurasian wigeons showing up in the PNW is increasing so having a quality decoy is pretty important down there.


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