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Thread: Action Stages on many Alaska Rivers!

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    Exclamation Action Stages on many Alaska Rivers!

    It has been a wet one!!!

    Many rivers and creeks are at 'action stages' swollen... a few running very near flood stages.

    Be careful out there rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

    Flying and landing in this stuff isn't all that easy - so be advised.

    I can say that right now I have 23 Rafts out on various rivers throughout Alaska and am receiving reports over our SAT Phones each evening on progress, GPS whereabouts, conditions, group spirits, etc.

    While we are getting everyone out or back in and all outfitted gear is working out very well... many parties are getting downstream faster than typical pace, sportfishing is alright for Silvers (but not for a whole lot else on flooding rivers), wood is floating down the more blown out drainages (THINK WHOLE TREES).

    Couple things keep coming up as a theme:

    1.) Making sure of food and water... calories with hydration to keep ya warm and focused

    2.) Take the best care of gear so that it can take care of you.

    3.) Starting to get darker at night... camp management is a big one, as well as boats tied off.

    4.) Don't skimp on good shelter and Rain-gear!!! If you arrive for you float with less than suitable - expect failure and discomforts from saturation.

    These are reports from several drainage for float trips on both sides of the Alaska Range.

    Be safe out there!

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    Brian, PM sent.

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    Default "Action Stage"


    Found the term "action stage" days ago when looking up Kenai water level on the Alaska River Forecast Center (using the sticky on the Rafting forum - very handy). The Kenai at Cooper Landing was running just under 12 ft, which was the "action stage" threshold. Looks like we will get a short break from the rains if clear skies hold today (Sat, 8/7).

    The NWS website included a definition (below)for "action stage". In practical terms, it sounds like they mean folks along river might need to take action in response to high water levels; property owners might need to prepare for flooding/erosion. For river campers/rafters, as you posted, consider alternatives to campsites that are usually dry, and be prepared for high water conditions, brisk flows, etc.


    Action Stage - the stage which, when reached by a rising stream, represents the level where the NWS or a partner/user needs to take some type of mitigation action in preparation for possible significant hydrologic activity. The type of action taken varies for each gage location. Gage data should be closely monitored by any affected people if the stage is above action stage.

    Thanks for posting this.

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    Helpful and informative post, thanks. Hope all the rivers return back to normal sometime soon. Kind of a bummer beaching the raft in the alders!


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