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Thread: Site chase, for hunting dogs?

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    Question Site chase, for hunting dogs?

    I wont be on here as often for a few weeks, so i wanted to get your advice before..
    got a beagle pup shes only 3 months right now and i was gonna give it till about 5 months till i started traing her but...i searched the threads and talked to people and was told to pin a rabbit up( so its visable) and let the dog look at it, smell it..etc. then let it go and let her chase it. soo i got the gear to do this but no llive rabbits, and i was wondering if you can use like a store bought white rabbit? or any rabbit at that? i was just worried about the scent possibly being different and confusing her...i couldnt find anything on this, just wondering if anyone on here knew? thanks

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    lbtrapper, I grew up with beagles and we just let them smell a dead rabbit and get real excited about it. We would also drag a dead rabbit around in the woods and let the dogs find it. It seemed to work great for us.


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