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Thread: Which Meindl boots?

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    Default Which Meindl boots?

    Good morning to you.

    I am looking at purchasing a pair of Meindl boots for general use while hunting in AK.

    Which one of the following do you recommend?
    1. Canada Hunting Boot
    2. "Perfekt" Hunter
    3. Alaska Hunter

    Thanks in advance for your time.



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    Default General

    A "general" boot could is hard to describe. I would say that a lot depends on the type of terrain you are going to be hunting in or the type of hunting. Spring bear in PWS I use 18" Alpha Burlys. For goats or sheep, the Candians from Cabelas where more ankle support is needed are the choice. If roaming the wooded areas I have a pair of more conventional Gortex 8" hunting boots.

    I think your latter two choices will serve you well as a flat lander. Someone is going to chine in for 2-3 other manufactures. But unless you are burning up a pair of boots a year mountian hunting, the Cabelas will do.

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    I am pretty happy with the alaskan hunters, I think my leg would break off before I twist an ankle. they are far from quiet forstalking on level ground, they last pretty well stay good and dry and are the easiest to get in and out of any boot out there.

    now the bad...if it does not fit you on day one it nver will, they don't "break in" to your foot. they are horrible for any length of time feet kill me when driving. the factory foobed sux, for the $$ they could have dome much better

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    I have worn all three that you mention, mostly for sheep and goat hunting.

    For steep hiking and side hilling, the Alaskan Hunter is by far the best of all of them.

    If you are doing mostly flat land hiking, I would choose the Perfekt. It was the most comfortable of all three and I wore it my first sheep hunt with no problems. The difference between the ankle and foot support is definitely different between the two. The Perfekt has a more flexible sole and ankle which is more comfortable and not a terrible hindrance when side hilling but doesn't compare to the stability provided by the Alaskan Hunter.

    The Canadian is what I consider to be the best compromise between the two. The compromise though means that it's not as comfortable as the Perfekt and not as stable as the Hunter but does both equally well.

    In the end, it's like choosing a hunting caliber for a gun; any of the three will do equally well for a variety of conditions but each has its own niche.


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