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    I was reading a little on the forum about the different rifles you reccomend and Lyman is a good rifle and the .54 is a good caliber for everything except grizz. BUT the Lyman Great Plains Hunter is 1 in 32" twist and lyman makes a 425 grain minnieball mould. Wouldnt that combination stop a grizz? I guess this is just a general question but a 425 grain bullet at 1200 Fps would seem like a very potent projectile especially out of a .54. I was just wondering what you guys thought, I might be getting a Lyman GPH pretty soon so that I had a conical gun to hunt with.

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    I'm bettin that the mountain men of old (Jeremiah Johnson and the like) would have given their eye teeth to have a 54 cal Lyman GPH for their encounters with grizzler bears.

    Hunting ability and shot placement allowed those old timers to kill bears with a lot less gun than the GPH.

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    I own a Lyman GPH and it is a great rifle, it did fine with deer and elk back in Oregon. Mine is a 1 in 64" twist, I know they also make them in 1 in 48". I haven't seen a 1 in 32" twist yet, is that a new model?

    I shoot patched roundballs out of mine and that slow moving big bullet has no problem taking down an elk, I am sure it will work on a bear. Like it was said earlier, it's all about shot placement.
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    The Great Plains Rifle is the slow twist version and the Great Plains Hunter is the fast twist, but other than that they're the same rifle. In fact you can buy a replacement barrel with the alternate twist for not a lot over $100.

    And yeah, "capable" of taking a grizzly and suitable leaves a lot of ground between, plus the decision if you want to do it and how you would go about it.

    I'm not a real fan of that particular Lyman minie. I greatly prefer the LEE Improved Minie for its larger meplat and a little thicker skirt for a little more velocity capability. In my experience with the Lyman, the skirt is so thin that if you put much more than 60 grains or so of powder behind it, accuracy really suffers. I regularly shoot 90 grains behind the LEE with stellar accuracy. Better yet is the Lyman Plains bullet, which is a solid base with a big meplat.


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