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Thread: Alaska Wilderness charters, anyone

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    Default Alaska Wilderness charters, anyone

    was wondering if anyone has experience with this outfit for caribou hunts...........thanks ahead of time..

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    Default Going with them this year.

    Myself and a few other guys are going to use them this Sept. for a caribou hunt. Have done quite a bit of research on some of their guides and the Outfitter himself, and have heard good things all the way around. I know talk is cheap, but so far everything is looking good. I am still waiting for a couple replies from some independent resources that I dug up on my own without going through the outfitter. I am kind of leary about going solely on references that are handed to me from the outfitter, usually you know you are just going to hear "everything was great." Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    Myself and two others hunted with Alaska Wilderness Charters in Kotzebue in September 2007. I've hunted in Alaska for several years and used to be a international hunting guide myself. *negative comments deleted*
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    Fellas, as always, if you have a negative comment about a business you may send private messages, but you may not post these comments publicly. Thanks.

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    I saw that coming a mile bad.

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    Thumbs up Choosing a flight service

    We have a bunch of outfits that operate out of Kotz. Each year the list seams to grow and so do the complaints. We have had 2 what I call good years in a row up here but that is because one of the biggest operators lost their permit to operate in the park and then the FFA pulled their license to fly, now it has improved a bunch. Back to the original question.

    When choosing a flight operation in a far away place like Kotzebue ask the locals and ask the guys who have been up here more than a few years. Up here experience counts a lot, if your prospective flight service has been in a location for a short time be careful and ask lots of questions. Try to choose a flight service who flies for you. That means you are paying by the hour and you fill the plane up rather than a per head charge. From my experience the per hour operators will work with you to choose a productive and safe drop and pick up spot and the over all price will be less, most of the time.

    A good hunting experience means getting involved early and ask lots of questions. If your flight service will not take the time to talk to you and answer all of your questions you need to look for another service. Planning a hunt takes work but itís a blast when it all comes together!

    Northwest Alaska Backcountry Rentals
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    We used Alaska Wilderness Charters & Guiding for a drop caribou hunt in Sept '07. We had a great time and all got quality animals. Everything went as promised, and we were amazed at the food they sent out with us. We could have eaten for an extra week. The weather was unusually warm, so we had to work for our animals, but we all got them. The only only downside is that we got into town a little late. We made our flight out okay, but we did n't have much time to unwind in Kotzebue. From talking with other hunters on the plane it didn't sound like we missed much though. They had people in town to help with arranging our antlers and capes for forwarding and even waited with us at the airport to make sure we got checked in. We'll use them again.

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    Huntfish, I'm glad you had a good experience, however you are certainly the exception. I keep hearing more and more negative reports about this operation.


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