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Thread: Powder help?

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    Default Powder help?

    I am trying to load up some 45acp+p but calls for 14gr of 2400, which at this time i do not have. I was wondering if I would be safe running with about 10gr of herco or trailboss.

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    I would get a manual for the bullets you are using and follow their recomendations, not a good idea to deviate from the minimum or the maximum recomended powder charges in the manual.

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    I usually don't but deviate but the bullets I am looking to load are hard cast 255gr SWC, and the manufacturer doesn't have a load book.

    Thanks for the reply

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    Default heavy loads

    No offense, but the way you are tossing out random powders and quantities tells me you need to get some experienced help loading. That 10gr. Herco for a very heavy bullet in the 45 acp, the 255 gr. you mentioned would be more than max and potentially dangerous. It would be a heavy load for the standard 230 gr. bullet. 2400 is not a typical powder for 45 acp. As suggested, you need to get some actual data or not load this combo. My question is what will you be using this bullet for? If you are working up a load for self-defense in the woods, I strongly recommend you use a different cartridge, like a 45 Colt or the venerable .44 mag with a good 300 grain load. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Good advice from Mauserboy. Use wisdom when reloading for things you may stake your life on. Get a Manual. Follow it. Those guys that have written the manuals have spent thousands of hours and lots of money to figure out what works WELL. With equipment that is FAR more sophisticated than we have. BE SAFE. Randomly loading ammo can be VERY hazardous.
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    Yes, listen to Mauserboy.
    If you have a computer there are lots of reloading data sites on line--free as well as pay. Here is one:
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