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Thread: Brining and Preserving Herring

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    Default Brining and Preserving Herring

    I have always had a difficult time trying to keep my Herring in good shape while fishing on long extended fishing trips. I have to travel from the Interior to Valdez, then we spend a week at a time camping, hunting, and fishing. By the end of the week my bait cooler would be a little smelly. I have had great luck with brining my bait, so I tried a little different method. I brined it with pickling salt, powder milk, blue food coloring, fresh garlic and anise oil. After it was brined, I packed them into vacum bags in the amount I would fish with at one time and sealed them up and froze them. While out I kept them on ice in a sealed bait only cooler. I would only take out one pack at a time to use. It worked very well with both halibut and salmon.


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    I use the same recipe. It's posted on the Salmon University website. Tried it last year. It really makes a huge difference. I had them in a small cooler the whole week we were in Valdez, no ice and they were just fine. Really works!
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    A good brine can make all the difference in herring quality over a longer trip. Fresher always seems to produce better for me, but a good brine recipe is a good thing to have.
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