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Thread: Mauser Mark X

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    Default Mauser Mark X

    anyone have some information for me about Mauser mark X actions. I found a custom Mauser stock may dad has been building for years and would love for him to finish. Looking for a mauser mark X chambered in 300 win mag. Some one help get me up to speed on where to start.

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    Its just a standard commercial mauser action. You can find them on gunbrokers and auctionarms. I just sold one in 300win for about $300 and if I were buying I would make my max around the $350 mark. Good action.

    Only thing I cant get used to with the mark X's (and all commercial's) is the safety. I just do not like the trigger mounted safety. I have a commercial action now and luckily I had the trigger, cocking piece and bolt shroud to make it like a standard mauser.


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