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Thread: Guessing ring height for large objective lens

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    Default Guessing ring height for large objective lens

    [I'm hoping I'll have better luck here than another site where I posted this was received with smart aleck comments like "When it's not resting on the barrel, etc...."]

    I've never owned anything other than a 40mm obj. lens scope. Since I'm upping the power for the LR rifle I'm building, I'd like to know if there's a rule of thumb when I need to go to, say, a Medium height ring over Low. The OD on some of these scopes could go to 53 or 56mm. I'm just trying to avoid having to mail back the wrong size.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Leupold has a mount selector which works great with a particular rifle and a particular scope. You could extrapolate with a certain rifle and a same size (objective) scope. Even of another brand. This would be a good guess.

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    I have the low talley light weights an a christensen barreled m70, the barrel is atleast bull contour, the scope is a 50mm swarovski non adjustable obj. and it has good clearance.

    another 50mm 4200 non adjustable objective on a rem 700 la sporter barrel with the millett vertical splits, they are pretty low, it is a close call on that setup, I had to grind a bit off the buttler creek cap to get it to clear.


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