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Thread: side sonar/fish finder?

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    Default side sonar/fish finder?

    I was wondering if anyone has used any of the newer side sonar/fish finders in and of the rivers and how they work. My depth finder/fish finder went crapola and I am looking for some options. Thanks

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    I had one of the older ones and when I used it down in the lower 48 it was great for finding Bass hanging out. Here in Ak it just doesn't seem to work as well in the silty water. It would show things on the screen but never got it to produce. The other thing is rarely do you fish a shoreline any way. If you were fishing sloughs for Pike it might work well but then you would have to be able to see thru the debris.

    If you decide to get one with side sonar look at your beam angle for the side unit as this will dictate how deep it will be looking. The distance it looks sideways is also dependant on the depth of the water. If you are anchored on the river the side look does nothing but tell you what has passed the boat.

    Look at any of the newer Garmins. Great units and they do have a wide choice of sounders from transom mounts to flush thru hulls.


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