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Thread: hull repair fairbanks

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    Default hull repair fairbanks

    im starting to accumulate a fair amount of hull damage scraps/dents/gouges, and was wondering what are you options to repairs this kind of damage. its my understanding these dents can impair performance etc, so was wondering at what point do you take it in to get fixed. i live in fairbanks so a shop nearby would be ideal. just tryign to get an idea of how involving (time & $) repairs like this can be. ty in advance

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    I would think the damage would have to be considerable before you would notice?
    So far on my own boat I havent had to test that theory..........

    Have you had the boat before and after the scraps/dents/gouges? and if so can you tell the diffrence from what it use to be like?
    I would think, if bad enough you would replace the whole bottom, unless the damage is isolated to a particular area...........

    Karolds is top shelf and I would recommend him from my experiences.

    I know its a bummer when you get dents in the bottom, funny thing is, I only think about it when its on the trailer and I can see em, when I am on the river I never think, Gee would I be going faster without that stupid dent?

    Heck, if it handles ok and speed performance is the same as always I wouldnt worry about it unless you think its bad enough that it is structurally compromised...............There do you feel better know?.......................


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