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Thread: Shuyak Deer Hunt Strategy

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    Default Shuyak Deer Hunt Strategy

    Hello all,

    Looking for some advice. If we get a good weather window we'll make the run from Homer to Shuyak again this August for more BIG halibut and silver action. Last year we saw a couple does on the beach. This year I think I'd like to try and take a buck home along with the fish.

    So....any advice on hunting a flat heavily treed island for deer. Early season Montague strategy is pretty well known; hike the mountains to the tree line. Shuyak is different, cover everywhere and not a high spot to be found. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks,

    P.S. We're already familiar with the big brown furry things that live there.

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    Been a while, but the strategy should still work. Drive the draws, leading up to the flats. Just like hunting mule deer in Colorado. Also take along a shotgun for when you get on top. In the grassy areas, it is loaded with Pheasants. Work your way along the flats. Then late evening, begin the descent slowly, jumping them like hunting rabbits up around the Glenn Hwy, in a different draw. It has a lot of grassland on top. Deer like to hang out in the Brushy Draws.
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    Depending on how many people you have in your group, drives are pretty effective in areas that lead up to more narrow passages. We had five of us do a drive on Shuyak a few years ago and jumped a couple bucks. We had to pass on the shots because someone from our group (my dumbazz cousin) took a different route along the back of a pond/lake and we lost sight and contact with him. He would've been in the shooting path for all we know.

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    Trapped up in Carry Inlet in 65' - was really open at the mouth of Western Inlet and Wonder bay. Not many deer on the Island at that time. Saw just one elk track and a group of about six deer in Carry Inlet.
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