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Thread: Hope pinks ?

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    Default Hope pinks ?

    Are the pinks still in Hope or any sugestions ? I'm taking the kids out fishing today or tomorrow. Any fishing in the Placer river? Thanks !

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    They were in there on Sunday.... my 2 kids were hooking up all day! Dunno about Placer though. Goodluck!

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    Yes, there are still good numbers of pinks in Hope as of last Sunday. Not like there usually are but enough to have lots of fun. Most are pretty dark but a few silvery ones in the mix. Saw several chums landed too.

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    Was there Saturday evening and it was swarming with pinks. My boyfriend landed an old king on the fly rod just for fun, and I saw a coupld chums. Nothing really bright, though. It's getting a lot more crowded than it ever used to...

    Going there tomorrow with my little bro to get him into some easy fish =)


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