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    I am certain most of queries have been hashed over time and time again but I am having trouble finding some specific info. I want to rifle hunt outside the corridor this year the first week of September. I have read that by parking at Galbraith lake I can shave some of the distance. Are the caribou that far south the first week of September? I also recall reading that there are areas of gravel that makes the walking much better. If anyone has knowledge in this area I would really appreciate a heads up. Should I start walking in an area where I see caribou within the caribou or pick my spot based on the Haul Rd migration report in the bow forum? Footwear? I was thinking my hiking boots and buying some neo over boots. Finally, I will have some non resident buddies that want to fish. They planned their trip right during the time I took off to hunt this year but I don't want to leave them hanging. Does anyone know of an area to fish outside (not too far!) the corridor? It will be awesome to have packer! Thanks again this forum has helped me out quite a bit.

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    Hayduke, I shot one late August near Galbraith so it is possible for them to be that far south. As far as picking an area to hunt I'd recommend basing that location off of number of caribou seen. I'd spend some time behind the glass and looking for caribou in the distance. Once you find a healthy number of caribou in that location I'd start walking. Does that mean they'll be there once you, but I'd rather go that route vs picking an area based off the migration report.

    I wouldn't take the neo over boots...cut weight where you can. I'd go with a solid pair of broken in waterproof boots. For the most part (in that area) you can avoid the low level (wet) areas. As far as fishing, they can fish Galbraith for lakers or any of the rivers in the area for dollies/grayling etc etc. There should be plenty of information about fishing on the haul road on this forum.

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